Generally, your journey towards optimal health at Evergreen Wellness begins with an initial consultation where you will receive a thorough health history intake as well as a physical assessment. The doctor may then recommend a series of tests to determine the root cause of your health concerns. When the results of those tests have been given to the doctor, he will create an individualized, holistic treatment plan to get you to your ideal health and wellness path as soon as possible.



Our comprehensive lab testing is, for the most part, done in-house. This expedites the results to get you on your path to optimal health as quickly as possible.

Clinical Nutrition


After we have determined the root cause of your health concerns, a personalized holistic lifestyle protocol will be designed for you. From clinical nutrition to day-to-day habit adjustments this will be your roadmap on your healing journey.



Part of the lifestyle protocol given may include various treatments or therapies, many of which are offered at Evergreen Wellness.

Naturopathic Walk-In Clinic (Fridays)


Dr. Katia De Marco, ND is offering a Naturopathic Walk-In Clinic on Fridays, from 10:00am to 2:00pm, to address any acute symptoms and dietary or supplement concerns.